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I'm Meredith Grey and I need to learn to save myself.

Do you want to know a secret? I’ve always wanted to be saved. I’ve tried it a thousand different ways. Friendship, religion, sex, alcohol, dating, writing, avoiding, running. People pleasing, people hating, gossip, gratitude, sobriety. CrossFit, Paleo, binge eating, music, Netflix, starvation. Fitting in, standing out, being the best, being the worst, needing all the... Read more »

New Year, Old Memories

Sometimes you hear words you wish you could unhear. You ask someone a question, praying for an answer you know you won’t get. And then, as soon as you get the answer you weren’t hoping for…your mind fills. Every memory. Each moment. The good. The awful. The hope. The mistakes. Every awkward encounter since. How... Read more »