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An Entire Post About Tampons: You're Welcome.

Sure, we learn about tampons in school. Then our moms have a super awkward and unbelievably uncomfortable chat with us about how to insert them (which, btw, is way worse than the sex talk in my opinion) where we wonder if they’re going to actually try and show us how to do it. But no... Read more »

There's No Such Thing As A Perfect Day

*For Blogapalooz-Hour this month we were given one hour to write about what our perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy…here’s my take.* Perfect was when I would share an overstuffed chair with my ¬†roommate, Chelsea, and we would laugh hysterically about anything. Literally, anything. Perfect was when I finally kissed the... Read more »

That First Guy

That First Guy. Everyone has that guy. The one who gets your poor, fucked up, aftermath of the hurricane ¬†heart. Or lack thereof. The one who just thought he was hitting on a feisty and funny girl, but got a slightly insane, tiny bit bitter, desperately trying to move forward but, oh so confused broad... Read more »

Miles Of Meltdowns: What Missing The Chicago Marathon Taught Me

This time tomorrow I should be a finisher of the Chicago Marathon. But I won’t be. Here was my dream scenario: I would train diligently and happily. Months of hard work. I spend today at the expo. Picking up my packet, chatting excitedly with the other women running for GOTR Chicago, buying new gear. I... Read more »