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Dear Feminists, Here's Why Feminism Is The F Word I Won't Use

*It’s Blog-a-palooza hour once again, and once again due to plans, my post is going up late. However, I am still giving myself the allotted time limit of 60 minutes and posting regardless of it being a day late. This month ChicagoNow partnered with our sister-blog in Orlando and chose the topic of “Writing A... Read more »

Taking A Break From The Sad To Ramble

I have been sad and mopey and just gross for like 9 days now. It’s so disgusting. I’ve been listening to music in the hopes that it would make me cry. I’m seriously, honestly, really trying to FORCE myself to be sad. That’s pretty dumb. I haven’t washed my hair since Friday (what up dry... Read more »

Robin Williams: The Hardest Role To Ever Play

Dear Mr Williams, I didn’t know you, and I won’t pretend I did. I know your struggle, though. I know what it feels like to wake up and want to go right back to sleep. I know what it’s like to not want to face the day. I bet someone’s said to you, “you have... Read more »

Alone On The Side Of The Road

My blonde hair was in a high ponytail, wisps falling from the lake breeze. My blue eyes hid my feelings behind cheap sunglasses. The water was calm, my toes dipped in off the edge of the dock. I had a cold beer next to me and a pup gazing sleepily at me with his head... Read more »

But At Least He Knows

This week I took a risk. I drove 6 hours to see a boy. All because he asked me to come hang out with him at his lake house. He asked and I dropped everything. Because he has me wrapped around his finger. Within 20 minutes of being there, I found out I was the... Read more »