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I Just Miss You, And I Wish I Knew Why

* July’s Blogapalooza Hour was skipped by me due to a prior commitment. So I stayed up late (sorry in advance for the typos), gave myself an hour, and wrote the post anyways. Our assignment from our editors was to write about someone, something, or some place that we miss.* “Sometimes I think about you,... Read more »

Christianity And A Conscience: It's Complicated.

God and I have a complicated relationship. I’ve always had a lot of questions, and have never really been settled on my beliefs, but I never doubted His existence. And then I turned 30…and shit got real. This year has brought about an absolutely ridiculous amount of doubts, realizations, and declarations about who I have... Read more »

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Drink Champagne

I’m supposed to be sober. Until the marathon. In October. Oops. SPOILER ALERT: I’m drinking champagne. By myself. Out of a coffee mug. In my bed. Have you ever been a girl? IT FUCKING SUCKS. I’m getting my fucking period this week. (Calm down dudes, I know it grosses you out but it’s not contagious.... Read more »

Use Your Words

It’s one of the first things we’re taught as children. Don’t scream. Don’t hit. Don’t throw a fit. Use your words. Sometimes though, using your words, changes everything. This week I used my words. I sat down, I wrote out my thoughts and feelings, and I sent it to someone who needed to hear what... Read more »

And Darlin' It Was Good

The most beautiful part of any relationship; ¬†friendship, romantic or otherwise are the moments that make your heart swell. The moments where you stop and think, “I want to remember this always.” That’s also the worst part. When that relationship ends, which some inevitably do, you always remember those moments, those places…everything. Even though we... Read more »

It Just Isn't Fair

Life isn’t fair. You hear it all the time. When you’re little and you complain, parents are quick to let you know, “life isn’t fair.” When you don’t get your first job out of college, your friends take you out, get you drunk, and you all commiserate over how “life isn’t fair.” We all know... Read more »

Thinking Out Loud

Most of the time when I write I need silence, but every once in awhile I sit down to stare at the screen and I put a song on. Usually I turn it off, but this time the song I put on inspired the whole post. I’ve been obsessed with this song since the day... Read more »

Summertime, Sobriety, Sincerity, and a Couple Side Notes, Too

It’s July 2nd. Already. I don’t know where summer has gone, but it’s gone fast. Summer used to be my favorite time of the year. I still love it for all it stands for, but weather wise? I’m more of an early fall girl. My hair was not cut out for humidity. This week I’ve... Read more »