The Conundrum Of Passing On Sports Loyalties

It’s been a while, but today I am dusting off my old blog, Chicagodelphia, for a good reason. My wife and I are expecting our first child this fall, and I need to make sure I have my priorities straight. Mainly, which teams our daughter will root for. This is everyone’s else’s top priority, right?

For the purpose of this post, I will assume that she will be into sports. If she ends up totally hating everything about it, I’ll be good with that too. So you can save your “what if she doesn’t like sports?” comments.

In order to get a couple Philly teams on board, I had to sacrifice hockey. This was not an easy decision, but the Blackhawks are currently a lot better than the Flyers, and will be for at least a couple more seasons. Sometimes you have to give up something to get something, and this was one of those times. I will make sure this sacrifice made by the Flyers will not be made in vain.

One of the fruits of this sacrifice was baseball. I’ve been told that as a young kid, I would announce the starting lineup for the Phillies and sing the National Anthem before playing a game of solo baseball in the backyard. That kind of passion cannot be sacrificed. Technically the kid could be a Phillies and White Sox fan, since they are in opposite leagues and rarely face each other. Neither the wife nor I are Cubs fans, so that is not an issue.

I also got the Eagles over the Bears, which was another good pickup to lessen the blow of losing hockey. Also good was I didn’t have to sacrifice as much as the Bears did for this pick.

Finally we come to basketball. While I do indeed #TrustTheProcess, I wasn’t going to push too hard on this one. We both decided to leave this decision up to the child. Hey, we can’t do everything for her. Plus, arguing over the Sixers and Bulls just didn’t seem worth the effort.

Second disclaimer: I know that future girl child will likely be influenced by future friends and classmates, and that’s okay too…I will just let it play out naturally. That’s why I want to dress her in as much Phillies red and Eagles green as I can now, and take a ton of pictures.

Third disclaimer: If in the future she does switch loyalties and completely distances herself from Philly teams, it won’t go unnoticed. No one can force me to take the high road, and I will continually remind her when a team from Philly beats a team from Chicago. The intensity of these reminders will depend on how important the win was, so I will adjust accordingly.

I’m sure all of my loyal readers will have varying opinions on this, and there won’t be a shortage of “Philly Sucks!” comments. I’m used to that, so feel free. Just remember that we didn’t throw snowballs at Santa, because Santa isn’t real.

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