The Tired Old Man We Elected King

Reality TV Host
Failed Businessman
Draft Dodger
Tax Evader
45th President Of The United States

To all those who wanted “change”, an “outsider”, someone who “tells it like it is”, congratulations on your election victory. To the registered voters who did not vote and were able to do so, congratulations on sitting this one out. To those who wanted a “protest vote”, your voice was heard, but not in the way you thought it would be heard.

To those who want to “lock her up”, it seems you’ve forgotten that someone must be charged and convicted of a crime before they can be “locked up”. Then again, only certain parts of the Constitution seem to matter when you need them to fit your narrow view of what America should look like.

To those who think it’s now acceptable to post pictures in black face, harass minorities, tell a young black girl she should be sitting in the back of the bus now, or shout horrible words without repercussion, obviously you never thought it was wrong, so an election outcome shouldn’t need to empower you further.

To those who threaten journalists, call them names, or wish to see them hanged on a tree branch, you probably aren’t reading this anyway. There is a difference between objective journalism and the “news” that you read from far right media outlets that deal in conspiracies and outright lies. If there is no fact checking involved, or no responsibility to the truth, then it’s not real journalism.

To those who lied to pollsters, who said they would vote for one candidate but did the opposite when actually casting a ballot, why? Was it because you were afraid of what people would think of you? I would have more respect for someone who supported a candidate and then followed through, then for someone who didn’t have the guts to say how they actually felt. If you can’t come up with the courage to let people know you agree with the principles of a candidate, why are you actually voting for them?

This election does not validate hate. Rambling speeches demeaning people of any background, orientation, faith, or color can not and will not become the new normal. I am completely disgusted that people have to be afraid of living in America. That kids have to worry if one day someone will pull them out of school and tell them they aren’t allowed here anymore. Hate speech has been part of America as long as it’s been a country, and it will be long after the 45th president leaves office. But we can not allow it to become widely accepted because it’s main proponent is now in a position of great power.

This election does not validate harassment, mistreatment, and the demeaning of women. This doesn’t mean anyone gets to decide what a woman does with her body besides that woman. I fiercely believe in a woman’s right to choose, and that belief has only become stronger with this outcome. America didn’t choose a woman, and they don’t get to choose for a woman.

This election does not give you an excuse to be a racist asshole. I don’t care if it was passed down to you, learned from friends, or you just became a racist asshole on your own. There is never an excuse for it, and I don’t want to hear an explanation for why you think that is okay.

As a straight, white male, I cannot begin to understand the fears that others have. All I know is that a lot of people are afraid and I feel horribly for them. I won’t pretend that I can relate, or that I know what they are going through. But I can listen to them, be an outlet for their frustrations, and stand in support with them. If I am your friend now, I will be your friend no matter how bad things get. Each person may have a reason for why this outcome upsets them, and each reason is completely valid. Don’t dismiss anyone for how they feel, and don’t make their reason feel insignificant compared to yours. This election was won largely on fear, and we must stand together and show these fear mongers that they can’t keep all of us down.

After Barack Obama was elected in 2008, a popular rallying cry for his opponents was “not my president”. That sentiment has resurfaced now, and it’s just as misguided as it was then. The history books will show who was president at this time, and there is no asterisk saying that it was only for certain people. As disappointed as you might be with the outcome, and I’m quite disappointed, he will still be our president. We need to harness the disappointment, the fear, the sadness, and fight for meaningful change.

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