30 Reasons to Live in Winnetka (and a few not to)

It’s not the weather that brings folks here, so it must be something else.  People choose where they live for a wide variety of reasons and here are the things that Winnetkans love most about their town.   It’s not a perfect place (as you’ll see) but certainly more pluses than minuses.

The Good

  1. Beautiful variety of homes – both vintage and new
  2. Highly rated schools
  3. Lots of local independently-owned shopping
  4. Proximity to downtown Chicago (via train, expressway, Sheridan Road)
  5. 3 Lake Michigan beaches
  6. Dog beach
  7. Farmer’s market
  8. Long time independent bookstore
  9. Library that has your book or will get it
  10. Involved and informed citizens
  11. Winnetka Children’s Fair
  12. Good variety of restaurants
  13. Fantastic park district
  14. Cell phone ban while driving
  15. 27 Parks
  16. Summer concerts at the park
  17. 4th of July fireworks and parade
  18. Winnetka Community House with 100s of programs and activities
  19. French language school
  20. 9 and 18-hole golf courses
  21. Indoor tennis courts and ice rink
  22. Free curbside junk pick-up once a year
  23. 3 commuter train stops
  24. The Green Bay Trail
  25. The Forest Preserves and Trail
  26. Kayaking and canoeing in the Skokie Lagoons
  27. The Women’s Exchange (classes and programs relating to women’s issues)
  28. Independent pet store
  29. Schmidt-Burnham Historic Home
  30. And  nearby:  Chicago Botanic Garden (Glencoe) and Ravinia (Highland Park)

The Not-so-Good

  1. High property taxes (which help pay for good schools)
  2. Flooding issues with potential for more taxation to alleviate
  3. Aging downtown areas that need revitalization (being addressed)
  4. Few affordable housing options (rentals are the best bet)
  5. The only McDonalds on the North Shore (you may be personally inclined to put this in the plus column)
  6. Few condo options that allow dogs (a personal beef)

I’m sure there is more (both good and bad) that I will be told about.  Winnetka residents are passionate about their town but also have legitimate concerns about some issues.   I live here and I love it (except for that weather thing!)


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