$18 Million Worth of North Shore Homes to Be Torn Down Soon

Teardowns, particularly of historic or older homes, has always been a hot topic on the North Shore.  Winnetka, Kenilworth and Glencoe have seen the largest number of demolitions and the controversy keeps churning.

Every village agrees that its guidelines regarding historic homes have no teeth.  Some permits are granted immediately, but when a house is of particular distinction, the village can and does delay the permitting.  Ultimately, no house can be saved by delaying tactics – for better or for worse, the new homeowner does, in fact, own the home.  Homes for sale in Winnetka can be easily torn down – same for homes in Kenilworth and Glencoe.

One lakefront  Winnetka home is in the cross hairs because the new owners (who paid $6.5 million for it) have filed for a demolition permit.  Preservationists say that Winnetka would lose a piece of its history – this Italianate style home served as an impromptu hospital after the Lady Elgin, a sidewheel steamship, sunk right off the home’s shore in 1857.

These 15 North Shore homes together cost approximately$18 million by their purchasers.  This is just a sampling of North Shore homes to be torn down – in fact, six months from now, the list would be populated by a whole new set of homes!  Most teardowns are done by builders who are building spec homes -although a few are private buyers.

New is IN, old is OUT – at least for the majority of North Shore home buyers.  Some hardly souls will buy an old home and do a magnificent job of restoration – perhaps a topic for another post.

Here are the current crop of homes slated for demolition – most in Winnetka with some in Kenilworth, Glencoe and Wilmette.


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