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Tax update from IRS - for small nonprofits

  Image found at Flickr Are you a small nonprofit ($50K budget or below)? Read on – this information may help you with 2010 taxes! In mid-January, the IRS announced that certain small nonprofit (tax-exempt) organizations may be able to simplify their 2010 annual information reporting. The IRS has made a change that will allow more... Read more »

As a small nonprofit -- did you file your Form 990?

IRS gives tax-exempt organizations a reprieve —  until October 15, 2010.   According to a recent IRS press release, “Small NPOs at risk of losing their tax-exempt status because they failed to file required returns for 2007, 2008, and 2009 can preserve their status by filing returns by October 15, 2010, under a one-time relief... Read more »