About Nonprofit Chicago
Stay ahead. Stay afloat. Rock the boat.

Driven by the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management at North Park University, Nonprofit Chicago is a blog that endeavors to help Do-Gooders Do Better.

(Yes, we're talking about you tireless nonprofit folks--about time, huh?)

Chicago's nonprofit community is already vibrant. But who says we can't:

  • Uncover (and rediscover) vital resources
  • Start compelling conversations
  • Make introductions (think networking)
  • Give a voice to Chicago nonprofits

New research indicates that social media might be the solution to many of the sector's greatest challenges. Nonprofit Chicago is focused on encouraging nonprofits to explore the technologies that will promote their missions. It's not technology for technology's sake--it is a hard-nosed business strategy (served by a guy with a pocket protector).

We want to help nonprofits get (or stay) ahead. We want to direct nonprofit folks to resources that promote their missions. We want to create change--in the way that nonprofits embrace technologies and in the way they communicate with one another.

Doing good is great. Now let's do...better.

About the Axelson Center
The Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management at North Park University in Chicago provides nonprofit professionals and volunteers with highly relevant, leading-edge education and resources, including on-site trainings and workshops, an annual Symposium, BootCamp for New Nonprofit CEOs, online and printed resource materials, and undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates.