Planned Giving BootCamp - Q&A with Sandy Macnab

Why bother with planned giving? Here are some quick tidbits from Sandy Macnab, MEd, FAHP, CFRE of Chicago-based Alexander Macnab & Co. Sandy will share more of his expertise on planned giving at the upcoming half-day workshop “Planned Giving BootCamp”, Feb. 18, 2015 at North Park University. Read more and register now.

What is the most common misconception about planned giving?

The belief that a planned giving program is only for large nonprofits is tied with the misconception that it takes years to establish a successful program.

Why should organizations care about planned giving?

Encouraging supporters to leave a bequest or to make other planned gift arrangements will result in more revenue and will enhance the organization’s status.

How does planned giving relate to sustainability?

Bequests and other planned gifts allow donors to continue their generosity beyond their own lives and, if used to build an endowment, will provide an ongoing, stable source of support.

At what stage of an organization’s life cycle should a planned giving program be considered?

As soon as an organization has plans to continue beyond its founder(s) involvement, it makes good sense to establish a program that will allow donors to insure that both the organization and their support will continue.

Ready to learn more about this topic? Register for “Planned Giving BootCamp”, Feb. 18, 2015 at North Park University.

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