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New nonprofit structures to generate money? The good and the bad...

There’s been a lot of attention over the past few years given to new structures for nonprofit organizations that facilitate the creation of business entities. Similarly, we have seen the creation of a number of for-profit entities with a social purpose. The terms “social enterprise”, “social entrepreneurship”, “socially responsible businesses” have been bandied about. There was also... Read more »

Philanthropy and diversity

Are you a fundraiser who thinks about ways to reach “untapped” segments of potential donors? Do you ever realize how much you may be impacted by unspoken assumptions about who to pursue as a potential donor?  Have you ever been told that “those people don’t give” — when referring to African Americans or Latinos? What do... Read more »

Take a Moment to Refuel

At the end of every school year, I share with my graduating seniors (the vast majority of whom will go on to work for a nonprofit) that there will come a day when they ask themselves, Why did I choose the nonprofit sector?. It happens to the best of us. So much good to be... Read more »

Don't lose your tax exemption! File today.

Remember that October 15, 2010, is the deadline to file your 990 tax returns if you’re a small nonprofit and didn’t file them for 2007, 2008, or 2009. Go to the IRS charity site for details. I wrote about this issue in an earlier blog entitled, “As a small nonprofit — did you file your Form 990?”. But now... Read more »

What's the difference between charity and philanthropy? Why does it matter?

  Lisa Dietlin, author of “Transformational Philanthropy“, spoke recently at a North Park University School of Business & Nonprofit Management alumni dinner. She asked about the difference between charity and philanthropy. Do you agree with this definition: charity is a short-term “fix” to help someone with an immediate need? It does seem that many nonprofit organizations are stuck in the mind-set of... Read more »