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The Matching Gift Program: An Easy Way to Raise More Funds

  Is your organization doing everything possible to encourage matching gifts? Many large corporations (and some small) will match gifts made by their employee — or the employee’s spouse. Some organizations will even match 3:1 (so if the employee gives $250, the company will give $750). For many of us, we don’t always know where... Read more »

Calling all service learning projects! Small grants are now available...

Does your organization provide service learning opportunities for youth? If so, here are a few grant opportunities. The deadlines are coming up soon. Youth Service America (YSA) has two service-learning grant programs that are currently accepting applications. Deadlines are coming up in October for Spring 2011 projects. YSA is hosting webinars to educate prospective applicants about how to develop... Read more »

How's your board doing? Here are some resources to help...

  I was recently searching YouTube to find a video of a nonprofit board meeting for the graduate course I teach on principles of nonprofit management.  I didn’t find a video that fit my requirements; however, I did come across several that were great resources about nonprofit governing boards and their responsibilities.  One video, by... Read more »

Starting a Nonprofit Organization: What You Need to Know

I frequently receive requests for resources on how to start a nonprofit organization. So I am dedicating today’s blog to the topic. But before we get to my handy list of resources, I want to quickly touch on the best approach to take when starting a nonprofit. The BIG BIG question you need to address is why. (As... Read more »

Nonprofit statistics and research do matter

10% of the workforce and 5% of GDP adds up to one powerful group! Did you realize that your nonprofit organization is but one of over 1.5 million other nonprofits in the U.S., and that our combined assets exceeded $4.3 trillion dollars in 2007? Did you know that over one quarter of U.S. adults volunteered in 2009? In... Read more »

Are you an ED having trouble with former peers or board members who "knew you when..."?

  At a recent family gathering, I had a conversation with my cousin who is a new nonprofit executive director. She was talking about some of the challenges she faces as the new ED of a small private school. Right now, her stresses come from staff and board members “who knew her when…” Those she taught with and those... Read more »