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Dealing with diversity?

  Questions and resources for you… UCAN is a Chicago nonprofit that effectively incorporates its diversity efforts into the organization’s fabric and culture. I’ve spoken with folks at UCAN, and had representatives visit my undergrad nonprofit management and leadership class to talk about their diversity work with both staff and board. I thought I would... Read more »

Two Resources to Help You Create a Great Elevator Speech

  I am tired of everyone telling me we need a compelling, well-written elevator speech. I’m sold–but creating a succinct, meaningful and interesting explanation of my organization is easier said than done. Are you in the same boat? Read on. Two hard-to-find resources helped me: 1) Examples of great (or even good) elevator speeches for nonprofits... Read more »

Nonprofit Employment Looking Better in 2010

Nonprofit Employment Looking Better in 2010
  Interested in nonprofit human resource issues? The 2010 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey (conducted jointly by Nonprofit HR Solutions and The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research) indicates that the nonprofit job market is improving in 2010. The online survey garnered responses from 500 nonprofit executives and human resource professionals on topics pertaining to: staff size and... Read more »

Tips Straight from Foundation Leaders

Want to hear a few tips from foundation funders?   Read on… Leah Bradford, Program Officer, The Chicago Community Trust; Steve Solomon, President, Exelon Foundation; and Diana Spencer, Executive Director, William G. McGowan Charitable Fund  – gave remarks at a funders’ panel led by Jimmie Alford, Founder, The Alford Group, on the concluding day of the Axelson Center’s “BootCamp... Read more »

Just what does innovation mean for nonprofits?

One of our recent nonprofit grads is doing an internship at a foundation that funds innovative projects. She emailed me recently asking how I define innovation as it relates to the nonprofit sector. My answer: Hmmm… Good question. Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new.” I know that many foundations like to fund... Read more »

Be a better leader -- take care of you!

Want to lead more effectively?  Be sure to take better care of yourself!     If you’re a nonprofit organization CEO/ED, do you take care of yourself? Do you lead a “balanced” life? If you don’t, how do you expect to lead others? Rob Acton, executive director of Cabrini Green Legal Aid, shared some insights into nonprofit organizational leadership... Read more »

Manage Key Relationships More Effectively

  “May need to remember that her good ideas aren’t the only good ideas.” “May need to listen more to others and speak less.” Hmphh. The results of my personality test sound a lot like my husband. These were just two of the hundreds of comments about my personality that I received from the Tony... Read more »