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What do Mary Tyler Moore and Derrius Guice Have in Common?

Lou Grant. They have Lou Grant in common. This is the script from the very first episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Lou: How old are you? Mary: Thirty. Lou: No hedging! No ‘how old do I look’? Mary: [smiles and shrugs her shoulders] Why hedge? Lou: Yeah. Mary: How old do I look? Lou: [pauses] Thirty. [opens booze... Read more »

Some of My Favorite Aunt Batsy-isms

When it comes to quotes, my Aunt Batsy is right up there with Dr. Phil McGraw. Where she comes up with this stuff I’ll never know. But I’m glad she does. When someone dies she likes to call me and tell me about it. I normally have no clue who the person is. That’s when... Read more »