I survived the first day of school. Kinda.

Today was the first day of school for my kids. We’ve had an amazing summer. But it’s time. Just time. Time to start fresh. Time to get back in the swing of things. Time to get on living our lives. Back to School I love the first day of school. Everyone is up and at ‘em.... Read more »

I Have A New Website I'll Be Blogging From

Hi everyone! I have moved my blog and am now publishing at No Wire Hangers, Ever. If you’d like to continue reading, click on the link and add your email address so that you never miss a post!   Thanks! Eileen O’Connor Contact Me! No Wire Hangers, Ever  

The Time Aunt Batsy Made Us Try On Our Dead Grandma's Dress

Allow me to introduce my Aunt Batsy. She is my Dad’s oldest sister. And it would be impossible to truly ever explain her to anyone. But I’m going to try. The other day I left my cell phone at her house. I didn’t realize it until I got to the grocery store. So it was... Read more »

OMG. Homework in May. I. Can. Not.

It’s May. It’s finally warm. It’s baseball season. My life is so out of control right now that I don’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt. A typical day consists of getting up and going to work. Easiest part of my day. Because when that bell rings at 2:45 it’s worse... Read more »

What Do I Want for Mother's Day This Year? Oh, You Know Me, Nothing Much.

Mother’s Day has always been a tough one for me. My mom’s death literally took the Mother out of my Mother’s Day. But now that I’m the mom, I get to enjoy it once again. Because I get presents. The other day, Beau asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Now before you start sending... Read more »

Baseball In April Is Pure Hell. Except Hell is Sooooo Much Warmer.

There’s nothing more American than baseball. And I’m American, so I love going to baseball games. I love watching my kids play. And I have so many happy memories of my Dad taking us to White Sox games, where we kept score even though there was a scoreboard. My memories always include one thing. Warmth.... Read more »

Sometimes I Think We Should Take Our Kids on Educational Vacations. But Then I Remember My Childhood.

Going to Florida for Spring Break has become the focal point of our year. It is so amazing to get out of Chicago and sit on a beach. I can’t remember the first time I was ever on a beach, but I’m pretty damn sure it wasn’t with my parents. They weren’t beach people. They... Read more »

Going to Florida is Amazing, Until It's Time to Come Home

There is nothing more glorious as getting the hell out of Chicago and going to Florida. The way the sun feels on your skin when you first get out of the car. They way the sand feels between your toes on the beach. The way you can sleep with the windows open and hear the... Read more »

A Special Guest Post From My Class. A Must Read!

Hi! We are Mrs. Barrins 7th grade class. We are in a contest with the rest of our school to see which classroom can raise the most money for such an amazing cause, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. We are pulling out all of the stops to rack in the big bucks.  Our fundraiser donates... Read more »

What do Mary Tyler Moore and Derrius Guice Have in Common?

Lou Grant. They have Lou Grant in common. This is the script from the very first episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Lou: How old are you? Mary: Thirty. Lou: No hedging! No ‘how old do I look’? Mary: [smiles and shrugs her shoulders] Why hedge? Lou: Yeah. Mary: How old do I look? Lou: [pauses] Thirty. [opens booze... Read more »