Violence generates counterviolence. The cycle does not stop until the killing stops. All that makes us human—love, empathy, tenderness, and kindness—is dismissed in wartime as useless and weak. We revel in a demented hypermasculinity. We lose the capacity to feel and understand. We pity only our own. We too celebrate our glorified martyrs. We endow our sanctified dead with the lofty virtues and goodness that define our national myth, ignoring our complicity in perpetuating the ceaseless cycle of death. Our drones and airstrikes, after all, have decapitated far more people, including children, than Islamic State.

Chris Hedges



The seamless and endless bombings, raids, troop insurgencies, and drone bombings have done nothing to end nearly 20 years of endless war. Or even win one. Imperial politicians like Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders parrot the script of the Pentagon and blundering Generals. The idiocy of President Trump has put everything in his administration up for sale including National Security and The Defense Department. As a country, we illegally invade, occupy, bomb and slaughter nations we are not at war with (Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya) and have established a worldwide torture regime https://theintercept.com/2014/09/23/nobel-peace-prize- . These are by any definition war crimes: on a moral and human level, this is reprehensible. Our indifference and callousness to these events are linked to the uptick in the pathological violence of mass shootings, domestic violence, rape, anti-Muslim assaults, rape in the military, transgender murders, the rise of right-wing terrorist groups, and the turning of our backs on our youth. They are a byproduct of these wars.

Under our own brand of terrorism, we have exalted ourselves through the false myths of nationalism and patriotism. We have become indifferent to one another in America and the people in the countries we terrorize, murder, and illegally occupy.

There are no personal stories done on the hospitals and innocent babies, children, women, and men murdered by U.S. bombs and troops following one misguided battle plan after another. https://theintercept.com the-radically-changing-story- https://theintercept.com a-short-history-of-u-s-bomb . There will be no personal Manchester England, 9/11, or Boston Marathon bombing victim stories done  the victims of our U.S. terror attacks. Those we bomb and invade are “collateral damage” and “the unfortunate consequences of war.”

Part of the script in every war is to keep those we call our enemy, as devoid of having any human characteristics and qualities. To dehumanize the other makes it easier to conquer and kill. We hear of wedding parties and funeral processions being bombed https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/cia-tactics-in-pakistan-include-targeting-rescuers but since they are “the other” we don’t get the same personalized heartfelt stories. Apparently, these victims happened to be people at the wrong place at the wrong time. They have no life ambitions, feelings about what transpired. And to many Americans, on some level, not even human. This is done through the corporate and mainstream media by design. It is easier for soldiers and civilians to support wars against someone looked at as non-human. This war mentality has come home to America.

The American version of ISIS has manifested itself domestically in poisoning and terrorizing its own people in Flint Michigan https://www.commondreams.org/terror-flints-poisoned-water criminalizing dissent https://theintercept.com leaked-documents  using counter-terrorism tactics and the use of police dogs viciously unleashed on peaceful protestors https://www.democracynow.org  and a militarized police state http://www.newyorker.com/do-not-resist  that has the U.S. looking like a war zone.

The rise of domestic terrorism was seen in the recent example (5/27/17) of the Portland Oregon stabbing of three men defending two women, one a Muslim the other black, by a white supremacist Jeremy Christian on a public train. The women were harassed and told to go back to Saudi Arabia when the three men, all strangers to these women, came to their aid. All three men were stabbed with a knife. Two of them died. Destinee Mangum one of the victims of the white supremacist, recounts her horrific experience in this clip at 16:11 mark https://www.democracynow.org/2017/5/30/did_trump

Destinee’s heartbreaking and terrifying experience is becoming more common.

The lack of corporate and mainstream media coverage on the domestic terror issue https://theintercept.com -numbers-dont-lie – can clearly be regarded as State propaganda as the press coverage of our never-ending and unwinnable wars gets lavishly and uncritically promoted. With the real danger of domestic terror groups, predominantly white, are clearly a higher threat than Islamist terror groups.

Those suffering the most and facing an undeniably bleak future are the young here and in the countries we bomb. The babies and children suffering from our war making are indiscriminately killed, disfigured, burned, and maimed. They suffer displacement and psychological damage no child should ever have to endure. To us, these babies and children are mere statistics.

Our young endure the same ISIS type recruitment as Armed Forces Recruiters bombard High Schools seeking fresh bodies. Rory Fanning of Veterans for Peace shares “I live in Chicago and speak regularly at high schools here, which has become ground zero for military recruiting in the country. There are more kids signed up in Chicago JROTC and NJROTC than any other school district in the country, ten thousand kids: 50% Latino and 45% black. You don’t see this kind of recruiting out in the suburbs. Recruiters go to the path of least resistance. They know kids in poverty-stricken areas have less options after graduation. There are ten thousand recruiters stalking the hallways, working with a $700 million advertising budget each year, to say nothing of the movies and the video games. It is next to impossible to offer a counter-narrative.” http://progressive.org/rich-man-s-war-poor-man-s-fight-


“The fall of the towers [on 9/11] was symbolic as well as actual. We are bringing ourselves down by a willful blindness that is astonishing. The tragedy across the globe is that we are pulling down so many others. We are not falling gracefully. Many, many people are paying with their lives for this.”

Father Daniel Berrigan

Jesuit Priest/Peace Activist

Our decline into a nation that glorifies war and violence has allowed us to be no different than ISIS. It is amazing how we can decry violence on the streets of the South and West Sides in particular. We have a generation in this country that has been brought up on war and industrial violence across the globe. We, as a nation, are as complicit in the violence of Chicago as we are in the alleged War on Terror. Until we recognize this and demand a halt to it we will see more death and more destruction. And a death of a nation by slow suicide.

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  • Interesting analysis..and let's not forget the opioid epidemic occurring in the heartland of America as more young people, primarily males, die from drug abuse. I believe this is due to the increasing alienation of young people who live in places where economic opportunities are no longer available to them.

  • In reply to CherylJ:

    The blow back from these wars are multi-layered but all inter-linked.There is a lack of opportunity and hope and relentless suffering in this country. Some are just trying to cope by numbing the pain.These wars are hollowing out this country daily. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.

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