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That Time I Almost Got Stuck In Mexico

That Time I… is a (kind-of) weekly installment celebrating the unexpected and amusing that can happen when travelling. This cautionary tale comes from the US/Mexico border… I’ll set the scene- my first ever spring break from college. Me and three friends from school. Sunshine in Los Angles, the beach, Disneyland, and a quick stop to... Read more »

That Time I Was Not Cool In Notting Hill

That Time I… is a (hopefully) weekly installment celebrating the unexpected and amusing that can happen when travelling. This tale is a recent one from London… I like to think of myself as a fairly hip person. Not a hipster or trendsetter by any stretch of the imagination,  but someone who is somewhat aware of... Read more »

The Mini Abe Super Bowl Commercial: Irresponsible Use of State Money

Before turning off the Super Bowl after the 3rd quarter because I was sleepy and it was getting sad watching Peyton Manning, I did get to catch some of the local advertisements. It’s funny, because I didn’t even recognize that there was a Menards commercial, even though I was singing “Save big money…” until a... Read more »

Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?

Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?
Imagine if you will, enjoying a nice staycation night in downtown Chicago with your partner. You get a great Groupon deal on the room, enjoy some room service, drink some wine you brought from home (because let’s not get too crazy), walk around in the plush robe just because you can…you get the picture. After... Read more »

Forget Resolutions, Set a New Year Intention

So it’s about two weeks into the new year and it’s taken me a long time to come up with some resolutions for 2014. I usually like a good goal-setting opportunity; it’s often part of my daily job and I’ve read enough O Magazine to know that it’s a good step towards getting things accomplished.... Read more »

Spirit Airlines- A Bunch of Idiots or Marketing Geniuses?

Ahhhh… Spirit Airlines. Just mention the name and you’ll get an immediate reaction from many. A laugh, a ‘gross’ face, or a whole diatribe, as I once did at a friend’s wedding. My boyfriend mentioned to the bride’s father that he had flown Spirit to Florida for the big day. This fine, upstanding gentleman immediately... Read more »

Dear Parents, Please Don't Tell Me I Have No Idea

I’ve seen a video shared on Facebook a few times over the past few days that isn’t sitting right with me. I find most things funny- if you like to tell jokes, I’m your girl. No joke is too simple, complex, filthy, or completely harmless. I love a good chuckle. Even a guffaw. But I... Read more »