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Houston Museum District: Culture Done Right

First stop: Contemporary Arts Museum. A small museum, but diverse exhibits, including one with art from local high school students.
I have to admit that I was not expecting to find a museum district on my last trip to Houston. At all. I mean this was Texas- wouldn’t I be surrounded by meat loving, cowboy boot wearing, country music listening…well, Texans? But a little internet sleuthing led me to the Houston Museum District’s fantastic website¬†and... Read more »

America: F Yeah! (in pictures)

A late 1920s mural of US highways, national parks, and major cities, from the Chicago Motor Club building on East Wacker in Chicago.
In my early 20s, I kind of thought America was lame. Been there, done that, was my mentality. So when the opportunity arose, I moved to Europe for a few years. While I loved that time abroad, it did make me appreciate some things about America. Peanut butter, Tex Mex, clothing dryers, and the correct... Read more »

Why Boston Rules and Chicago Drools

History: Sorry, Chicago, but in terms of white people history, Boston has you beat. The even have a brick path through downtown to prove it.
Sorry friends, this post has little to do with hockey. Except it was inspired by the Stanley Cup Finals and had me pitting Boston and Chicago against each other in more ways than goals and power plays. Both are great cities, for sure. Both have great restaurants, cultural events, green space, academic institutions, mind-boggling traffic,... Read more »