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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Lovers

I've loved @anthonybourdain for a long time, even now he's kind of a major network sell out. His instagram feed features his worldly exploits, sweet family pictures, and cronuts. Cronuts!
Beyond pictures of babies, cats, and those weird clouds outside your window last night, Instagram has a lot to offer in the drool-worthy, day-dream-perfect photo department. Check out the gallery of five Instagram accounts to follow for travel lovers. My top choices right now are Anthony Bourdain, Virgin America,  PayPhones, Conde Nast Traveler, and the... Read more »

How To Have A Destination Wedding That Doesn't Suck

How To Have A Destination Wedding That Doesn't Suck
I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta last month. Even though I’ve been to 30+ weddings, this was the first true destination wedding I’ve ever attended. And it was awesome. Here’s why: 1. Start with killer welcome bags. They definitely kept with a Mexican theme and included beach essentials,... Read more »

How Not To Use Instagram On Your Vacation

Sunburns or other maladies: I'm sorry you're a dummy and didn't use sunscreen while you were at the beach, but I don't need to see the aftermath. But that pouty face is pretty good.
As a good friend said on Facebook recently, “The people demand summer!” As we got our first 80+ degree day of the year here in Chicago, I’m sure vacation was on a lot of people’s minds. And with vacations come pictures. And now-a-days, if it’s not on the internet it didn’t happen. But do your... Read more »