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Donna Day 2014: Supporting Pediatric Cancer Research

Donna Day 2014: Supporting Pediatric Cancer Research
Pediatric Cancer. Uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. In children. What an awful thought. I had my own run-in with a tumor last year and had a tough time holding it together between all the uncertainty, testing, surgery, and recovery. And I was so lucky that it was benign. I can’t imagine being a child, just... Read more »

A Lazy and Cheap Valentine's Day: The Faux Hotel Plan

I would love to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to stay at a nice hotel. It’s one of the many things I love about travelling- the luxury of sleekly designed surroundings, having a comfortable bed, taking a bath in a spacious bathroom, and not having to worry about keeping it clean or doing the... Read more »

The Mini Abe Super Bowl Commercial: Irresponsible Use of State Money

Before turning off the Super Bowl after the 3rd quarter because I was sleepy and it was getting sad watching Peyton Manning, I did get to catch some of the local advertisements. It’s funny, because I didn’t even recognize that there was a Menards commercial, even though I was singing “Save big money…” until a... Read more »

Where's My Christmas Spirit?

Christmas has been sneaky for me this year. I finally made it to Thanksgiving and a great trip to Boston after trying to balance being short-staffed at work, taking a grad school class, getting my sister married, and keeping up with friends and family both in Chicago and elsewhere. I felt like I could take... Read more »

Your Midway Airport Holiday Travel Guide

Your Midway Airport Holiday Travel Guide
With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many of us will be hitting the road or the skies, or maybe both, as the holiday travel season kicks into high gear. I find this time of year particularly stressful when travelling- a nice nerve-frazzling mixture of massive crowds, rushed schedules, and the unpredictability of the weather.... Read more »

Ravens vs Bears: My First Trip To Soldier Field

The day started out at the George Street Pub in Lakeview, which hosted a breakfast and bus for Ravens fans.
It’s no secret, I love Baltimore and consider it my home town. Although I’ve moved around, I’ve always kept my loyalties to the sports teams I grew up watching and follow the Ravens closely, not matter where I am. So I jumped on the chance to see them when they came to Chicago this weekend,... Read more »

Rogers Park Metra Murals: Discover The Beauty In Your Backyard

Old-school GPS at Lunt Avenue
I’ve spent the past two weekends around Chicago and it’s been nice to stay close to my home base between travels. While the far north side may not be that exotic, I’ve learned that there’s never a shortage of interesting things to find. Today was the last outdoor Glenwood Sunday Market, a favorite Sunday morning... Read more »

Why Boston Rules and Chicago Drools

History: Sorry, Chicago, but in terms of white people history, Boston has you beat. The even have a brick path through downtown to prove it.
Sorry friends, this post has little to do with hockey. Except it was inspired by the Stanley Cup Finals and had me pitting Boston and Chicago against each other in more ways than goals and power plays. Both are great cities, for sure. Both have great restaurants, cultural events, green space, academic institutions, mind-boggling traffic,... Read more »

Get with the Food Truck Program!

The crowd at Food Truck Friday is mostly workers from surrounding downtown Phoenix businesses.
Dear Chicago, I was in Phoenix last week. My travelling companion and I had been here before and knew immediately where we wanted to go to lunch after landing- Food Truck Friday. This is how to spend your lunch break. A relaxed crowd of downtown workers enjoying some time outside while sampling a wide variety... Read more »

AFAR Magazine Highlights Midwest Destinations for 2013

Who says the Midwest is just a bunch of flyover states? The March/April issue of AFAR magazine highlighted several destinations within a ¬†six-hour drive of Chicago in their All-American Travel Experiences list (on-line and in print). What made the list? Lake Charlevoix in Michigan (360 miles from Chicago) for its natural clay pools. The Museum... Read more »