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5 Hotels for When I Win Powerball

The Fogo Island Inn. I find this remote luxury hotel in Newfoundland, Canada fascinating. With spectacular architecture and scenery, not to mention a cinema, contemporary art gallery, heated toilet seats (!), and farm-to-table meals included. So out there you need to get there by ferry or private plane. Photo from
I got the lucky ticket on my fridge and besides all the good deeds I would do with some of the billion dollar jackpot (and I have a lot of good deeds to do), I have a running list of places I would to visit and stay when I win it big. No standard, nondescript... Read more »

5 Things to Drink in New Orleans That Don't Come in a Souvenir Cup

You’ve seen them. Either on tv, in a movie, or in real life. Some sort of undetermined liquor, sugar, and ice concoction in a plastic container shaped like it’s namesake. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it evens comes with a necklace so you won’t ever have to worry about losing it. It might look something like... Read more »