2015 National Christmas Tree Photos

Going down to Washington D.C. to see the National Christmas Tree was a favorite holiday memory of mine as a kid, so when I found myself in the area with a few hours to kill, I ventured out to the Ellipse, a patch of green space between the White House and Washington Monument to see this year’s offerings. If you’ve never been, it’s not just about the main tree, but each state and U.S. territory decorates a tree as well. This year, many trees were decked out by local school children or artisans, all around a theme of highlighting the diversity of the U.S. National Park System. While I wouldn’t be so bold as to pick a winner, here are some of my favorites:

For more information and to see what the trees look like at night (I was there in the morning when crowds were minimal and I could take decent smart phone pics, don’t judge), check out the main National Christmas Tree website. Whatever your winter/holiday traditions may be and wherever your travels may take you, enjoy!

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