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Should Selfie Sticks Be Banned?

Over the past few weeks more and more tourist destinations, especially museums, have banned the use of selfie sticks, those retractable cane-like gadgets with prongs for your phone. In theory the selfie stick helps people take photos of themselves anytime, anyplace, but places like The National Gallery in London, Versailles Palace outside Paris, and the... Read more »

5 Things That Rocked My Week- March 1-8

After a very long and cold hiatus, Things That Rocked My Week has returned. Enjoy! 1. Conan O’Brien in Cuba. Conan’s episode this past Wednesday had no celebrity guests or musicians, just him bouncing around Havana celebrating improved diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S. which will presumably soon lead to lifting trade and travel... Read more »

Aaron Schock Gives Travel Enthusiasts A Bad Name

Aaron Schock Gives Travel Enthusiasts A Bad Name
I can see why Aaron Schock has done well so far as a politician. Young (especially for a congressman), handsome, great smile, and charismatic as all get out. But this is not about politics (directly). I’m not one of his constituents and I’m not here to debate his voting record or work he’s done for... Read more »