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A Sneak Peak of the Field Museum Vikings Exhibit

The entrance to the exhibit.
The Field Museum Vikings Exhibits opens Friday, February 27th, and I was lucky enough to attend a preview of the exhibit. The exhibit comes to Chicago from the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, which helped install this extensive collection of artifacts, recreations, and interactive elements. According to the team behind the exhibit, the focus of... Read more »

8 Ideas for a Travel Wedding Theme

To add a personal touch to my bouquet, I put a solje brooch that's been in my family on the handle. The solje is traditional Norwegian silver jewelry said to protect the wearer from evil.
Most people take almost 6 months to do anything with their wedding photos, right? I may be a little behind, but I have to admit it is really enjoyable to go through the photos and relive the day. And I now realize what can go into planning a wedding- even a small one like I... Read more »

Do you ever feel guilty when travelling?

Do you ever feel guilty when travelling?
On my trip last month to Colombia, I found myself in this weird space. The guilt was most palpable when I was on a boast ride to an island off the coast of Cartagena. At a point on the way there and back, we would stop along the way and little boys would swim out... Read more »

Letting Go of Travel Stereotypes

Letting Go of Travel Stereotypes
“But did you feel safe?” was the most common response I got from friends when talking about my latest trip to Colombia. Not the usual banter about hotels, food, the weather that people talk about, but a surprising amount of people assumed that I had chosen a dangerous destination for my honeymoon and were surprised... Read more »