5 Things That Rocked My Week- October 26-31

Halloween has been hijacked by raging winds and near-freezing temperatures here in Chicago, so instead of planning a night out in a last-minute costume, I’m making lists indoors instead. And dressing up my cat. He is not amused:


Here are 5 things that rocked my week:

20141031_153159Speaking of cats, I got this postcard recently, promptly forgot about it but then found it again. I love getting postcards and this is one of the best- cats, rainbows, bowties, etc.

Was 24 hours in Las Vegas this week not enough? Too much? Just right? I still haven’t decided yet. But ending my night there at Casino Royale on the Strip was a highlight for sure. Not to be confused with anything remotely as attractive Daniel Craig, this is where you can find $5 craps at night and a whole lot of watered down cocktails. And maybe a Michael Cera lookalike if you’re lucky. And guys trying to coin the term “Chambango!” Glorious. And let’s just say the website plays it smart with no photos of the actual casino, just close-ups of the machines.

Audio ArchaeologyRight before I left town I had a great afternoon shopping in my neighborhood, Edgewater. One of my favorite newer stores is Audio Archaeology, which is part record store, part vintage audio equipment store, part curator of kitsch. I got myself a 1950s TV, record player and radio console that I think will look great in my living room.

TomsMy new TOMS came just in time for the cold temps- they’re knit on the outside with a faux fur lining. Not suitable for Vegas, but should be good for what’s coming out way in Chicago.  They’re super comfortable and TOMS have been my go-to shoes for travelling for years now. Looking forward to seeing how long this extends TOMS season for me.

PhotoGrid_1414788050780Luckily before the winds blew all the leaves off the trees I was able to take some great pictures of fall foliage, one of the best things about the season.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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