10 Reasons To Love The Sochi Olympics

I really wasn’t feeling the Sochi Olympics. I had devoured the London Olympics- watching hours and hours of events thanks to non-stop coverage and my DVR, getting up early before work to catch the coverage, and getting into handball way more than I had any right to.

A big part of it was my general love of London and I loved watching the city on display. A Russian resort town I had never heard of? Not so much. There were lots of turn-offs to these games- Russia’s decidedly homophobic attitudes towards the LGBT community, civil unrest with terrorism threats, and an unpreparedness chronicled heavily on social media.

But I decided to watch the opening coverage, because, well…it is the Olympics after all. It’s a time to celebrate athletic excellence, international cooperation, and all around awesomeness. And I have to admit I got into it again. We’ll see if my enthusiasm lasts- I’m not planning any trips to Russia yet, but who knows.

Here are 10 reasons to love the Sochi Olympics.

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