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London The Biography: When the Location Becomes the Character

London The Biography: When the Location Becomes the Character
It’s the end of the month and so begins another ChicagoNow blog challenge- write a post in an hour ‘about a character or scene in a movie or book that affected you in some way.’ I have to admit I’m really tired and kind of wanted to shut the computer off and just call it a... Read more »

5 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

Food's always a good place to start for any celebration. While Vegemite is a famous, but acquired taste, there are many other Australian specialties you could enjoy. Some of my favorites are melba toast, pavlova, weet-bix cereal, tim-tam biscuits, and a hamburger topped with beets. Some nice lamb or seafood on the bbq would also do the trick. Remember there are no 'shrimp on the barbie' in Australia because shrimp are called prawns. Duh.
Blinked and you might have missed it in this part of the world, but Australia Day is Sunday, January 26th. This day marks the anniversary of the British landing Down Under and the beginning of the modern day nation. And it’s a big deal, both for Australians at home and abroad. I lived in an Aussie-heavy... Read more »

Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?

Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?
Imagine if you will, enjoying a nice staycation night in downtown Chicago with your partner. You get a great Groupon deal on the room, enjoy some room service, drink some wine you brought from home (because let’s not get too crazy), walk around in the plush robe just because you can…you get the picture. After... Read more »

Forget Resolutions, Set a New Year Intention

So it’s about two weeks into the new year and it’s taken me a long time to come up with some resolutions for 2014. I usually like a good goal-setting opportunity; it’s often part of my daily job and I’ve read enough O Magazine to know that it’s a good step towards getting things accomplished.... Read more »

Highlights from the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show 2014

Right after I arrived, nugget of a travel personality and PBS darling Rick Steves was starting a talk on travelling through Europe. Best tip- Rick has a free app with audio guides you can download for free. Did I mention it was free? I will definitely try some of these out when I'm in London later this year.
This weekend was the 10th annual Chicago Travel and Adventure Show at the Convention Center at Rosemont. With hundreds of exhibitors from around the world and several special stages, it was a great way to spend a Sunday that wasn’t snowy or freezing. Check out the gallery for some of the highlights. What will 2014... Read more »

First Time Guide to New York City: An Englishman's View

Sunny S is a fellow ChicagoNow blogger whose blog Sister City Love: From Birmingham to Chicago focuses on the relationship between the Windy City and Birmingham, England, Sunny’s hometown. He also writes frequently about local music in and around Chicago, including bhangra and South Asian artists.  We did a bit of a blogger exchange program... Read more »

Spirit Airlines- A Bunch of Idiots or Marketing Geniuses?

Ahhhh… Spirit Airlines. Just mention the name and you’ll get an immediate reaction from many. A laugh, a ‘gross’ face, or a whole diatribe, as I once did at a friend’s wedding. My boyfriend mentioned to the bride’s father that he had flown Spirit to Florida for the big day. This fine, upstanding gentleman immediately... Read more »

7 Essentials for Winter Travel

A solid pair of boots is a must for winter travel. I love this pair I've had from The North Face for a few years. They keep my feet dry while I stomp through snow drifts and unshoveled  sidewalks.
Brrrrr…it’s cold in here. With the temperatures getting sub-zero and snow seemingly in the forecast for the next four months, many of us feel the urge to stay indoors and hibernate. But just because the weather has taken a turn doesn’t mean you have to stop your travel. Here are seven of my essentials for... Read more »