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Best Travel Apps for the Holidays

I recently attended a Travel + Leisure Editor’s Session at their first ever Hot Spot Travel Tech Pop-Up at the Thompson Chicago Hotel in Gold Coast. Editor Amy Farley gave a brief talk about ways to be a smarter flyer, including useful travel apps for your smartphone or tablet. Here’s what I learned: The Thompson... Read more »

You Really Can Go Anywhere In The World

You Really Can Go Anywhere In The World
Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, today I learned that you can actually travel to North Korea. Not just the demilitarized zone (DMZ), that weird buffer zone between the north and south that sees lots of tours every day. Or on a war veterans’ trip, like that poor dude that was arrested during his tour.... Read more »

Where's My Christmas Spirit?

Christmas has been sneaky for me this year. I finally made it to Thanksgiving and a great trip to Boston after trying to balance being short-staffed at work, taking a grad school class, getting my sister married, and keeping up with friends and family both in Chicago and elsewhere. I felt like I could take... Read more »

A Very Sky Mall Christmas

Make sure you switch out your regular life-size Big Foot statue for the winter version, the $2, 350 Abominable Snowman. Sure to scare your neighbors and children this Christmas morning.
Looking for that perfect last minute gift for Christmas? Sky Mall has got you covered. Thank goodness I was one of those people who actually took a copy home after my last flight. And Instagramed 10 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. May I present ‘A Very Sky Mall Christmas.’ It’s my holiday gift... Read more »

10 Amazing Trips I Really Want For Christmas

Over Thanksgiving I was watching the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club play a Europa League game in Tromso, Norway (What, you weren't?) People were like, "Where's Tromso?", and I was like, "Umm, it's only one of the largest cities north of the Arctic Circle...duh." And they were like, "Why do you know that?" and then I made everyone watch Ylvis videos. True story. But I really want to go here and see the Northern Lights. Look at that crazy green sky! 

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This Thanksgiving, I did not partake in any Black Friday or Cyber Monday broo-ha-ha. I like giving and getting gifts, for sure, but I’ve never been much of a shopper. People who really like to travel can be tricky people on your list. Unless they are super wealthy, yacht and first-class types, they tend to... Read more »