10 Amazing Trips I Really Want For Christmas

This Thanksgiving, I did not partake in any Black Friday or Cyber Monday broo-ha-ha. I like giving and getting gifts, for sure, but I’ve never been much of a shopper.

People who really like to travel can be tricky people on your list. Unless they are super wealthy, yacht and first-class types, they tend to like to keep things simple and kind of minimal in the ‘stuff’ category. Space is reserved for souvenirs, not things from Target or Amazon.  And they’re often pretty particular about what they like to travel with- luggage, toiletries, gadgets, etc. Honestly, what they really want is that next trip.

So as I’m perusing the dregs of this past weekend’s shopping bonanza, I starting thinking of the 10 amazing trips I really want for Christmas. It’s a pretty far-fetched and ridonk-a-donk list, but hey, ’tis the season, right?

Special thanks to the fine Flickr users who made their photos available to use. My vacation photos are definitely not as cool. The license for their use can be found here.

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