A Beginners Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

One reason I love to travel so much is to catch up with old friends. I’m not a great phone person and it even sometimes takes me way too long to reply to an e-mail. Without Facebook, I would forget a lot of birthdays. But travel is the way I connect. Don’t offer me an invitation to come visit you unless you mean it- I’m booking the tickets as we speak.

I had a great catching up long weekend recently in Charleston, South Carolina with four of my oldest friends. We made a pact (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants-style) to do our best to vacation together every three years. We threw around a bunch of different ideas and landed on Charleston for a number of reasons. Driving distance for some, Southwest accessible (really only for me), warm, and with lots for us to do.

I’m glad we ended up in the Holy City. Check out the gallery for eight great things about Charleston, especially for first timers, like myself.

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