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Your Midway Airport Holiday Travel Guide

Your Midway Airport Holiday Travel Guide
With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many of us will be hitting the road or the skies, or maybe both, as the holiday travel season kicks into high gear. I find this time of year particularly stressful when travelling- a nice nerve-frazzling mixture of massive crowds, rushed schedules, and the unpredictability of the weather.... Read more »

The Challenge of the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's Disease

This month marks the 5th anniversary of my grandmother’s death. And most of the time I think I have a pretty good grip on the situation. She was 93 years-old and I consider that a long time to be alive. A pretty good run as they say. She had seen a lot- women’s suffrage, World... Read more »

Ravens vs Bears: My First Trip To Soldier Field

The day started out at the George Street Pub in Lakeview, which hosted a breakfast and bus for Ravens fans.
It’s no secret, I love Baltimore and consider it my home town. Although I’ve moved around, I’ve always kept my loyalties to the sports teams I grew up watching and follow the Ravens closely, not matter where I am. So I jumped on the chance to see them when they came to Chicago this weekend,... Read more »

A Beginners Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

King Street served as the hub of our universe for the weekend. Our hotel was right off this main drag, which features local and high-end chain boutiques, bars, restaurants, salons- pretty much anything you could need. Word to the wise- some of the bars in this area definitely screen customers. We were told there was a wait (read: You guys are too old) for a bar with visible empty seating. One bar that did not do that and was so awesome we went there three nights in a row? Proof. Go there and order a gin and tonic. You're welcome.
One reason I love to travel so much is to catch up with old friends. I’m not a great phone person and it even sometimes takes me way too long to reply to an e-mail. Without Facebook, I would forget a lot of birthdays. But travel is the way I connect. Don’t offer me an... Read more »

Dear Parents, Please Don't Tell Me I Have No Idea

I’ve seen a video shared on Facebook a few times over the past few days that isn’t sitting right with me. I find most things funny- if you like to tell jokes, I’m your girl. No joke is too simple, complex, filthy, or completely harmless. I love a good chuckle. Even a guffaw. But I... Read more »

NFL Hazing: What The League Can Learn From Greek Life

I was watching CBS this morning before the football games started and caught a bit of the pre-game show. At the end of the program there was a brief round-table discussion of the Richie Incognito NFL hazing incident. Several players who had been in the league for many years, including a current player, London Fletcher,... Read more »