Sixteen National Parks We Missed During the Government Shutdown

There were a lot of unfortunate things about the government shutdown that ended late Wednesday night. A lot of people were furloughed, people had difficulty accessing some government services, and we had to listen to people play the blame game daily on the news. There were many innocent bystanders in this drive-by government nonsense, including the National Park System (although some would say they were not so innocent).

For sixteen days, almost all of the NPS’ over 400 sites, which includes parks, monuments, battlefields, lakeshores, seashores, and historic sites were closed to visitors.  At least it’s over…until the current deal runs out and we find ourselves in this situation again in a few months. So while we have the chance, enjoy some national parks before they get closed again. Check out the gallery for sixteen that we missed during the government shutdown.

This gallery was inspired by No Bags to Check’s Facebook page. A special shout out to the ladies behind High Gloss and Sauce, Listing Towards Forty, and Tween Us for their suggestions.

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