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The Golden Rule of Travelling

The Golden Rule of Travelling
Sometimes I have trouble remembering that not everyone travels as much as I do. I know, first world problems, and such. But, I’ll admit that I often find myself in the security line, waiting to board a plane, or even on the subway and getting really impatient at my fellow passengers. I love to secretly... Read more »

Rogers Park Metra Murals: Discover The Beauty In Your Backyard

Old-school GPS at Lunt Avenue
I’ve spent the past two weekends around Chicago and it’s been nice to stay close to my home base between travels. While the far north side may not be that exotic, I’ve learned that there’s never a shortage of interesting things to find. Today was the last outdoor Glenwood Sunday Market, a favorite Sunday morning... Read more »

10 Spooky Halloween Travel Ideas

1. Transylvania, Romania. A classic spooky destination with its connections to the inspiration for Count Dracula and propensity for fog. I've also heard from friends there are some breath-taking castles and sweet discotheques in the area too. (Photo from Chicago Tribune)
Tired of the same old Halloween parties or waiting for a billion rug rats to come around and clean you out of candy? Maybe a change of pace and a trip around Halloween is needed this year. From places that inspired scary stories to those that are just plain creepy, check out ten spooky Halloween... Read more »

The Big Finale: The Tale of My Parotid Gland Tumor, Part 3

October 23rd marks the three month anniversary after my surgery to remove a parotid gland tumor I had on the left side of my face, just below my ear. It actually seems like it’s been longer than three months, but I’m happy to say things finally seem back to normal. I wasn’t always so optimistic... Read more »

Sixteen National Parks We Missed During the Government Shutdown

#1: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Chesterton, Indiana. I drove down here one weekend morning (only took about an hour from the far northside) mainly because it was the closest National Park to me and I couldn't believe it was that close to Gary. Well worth the visit, although the picturesque dunes and grasses in the same line of sight as the huge energy plants and steel companies was an interesting study in contrast.
There were a lot of unfortunate things about the government shutdown that ended late Wednesday night. A lot of people were furloughed, people had difficulty accessing some government services, and we had to listen to people play the blame game daily on the news. There were many innocent bystanders in this drive-by government nonsense, including... Read more »

Hey Chicago, Celebrity Cruises Says Hi

Hey Chicago, Celebrity Cruises Says Hi
If you’re like me, the increasing darkness is a sad reminder that summer is a distant memory. While I’m a fan of autumn, I’m a bigger fan of more sunshine. Many of us have put away the suitcases for awhile after summer vacations, but now is a great time to start thinking about holiday travel... Read more »