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So You Want To Be An Ex-Pat

This month marks the 7th anniversary of when I moved to London. I would recommend moving abroad to anyone and everyone. On my 25th birthday, I got on a flight to Heathrow and spent the next almost two years in one of the largest cities in the world. My want to be an ex-pat and... Read more »

10 Awesome Things From Norway Besides Ylvis

<iframe width="500" height="375" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br> <br> Before Ylvis there was A-Ha, the first Norwegian band to have a #1 single in the US with the 80s classic Take On Me.
Unless you’ve been hiding deep in the Scandinavian forest or paying attention to real news, you’ve probably heard about Norwegian comedians/musicians Ylvis and their You Tube sensation, The Fox. I personally think it’s hilarious, but I also love it because it’s one of many awesome things from Norway. I’m a little biased- my mother’s grandparents emigrated... Read more »

Why Sky Mall Is The Best In-Flight Entertainment

Options abound if you're looking for the small furry forest mammal motif for your next decorating project. I'm not sure which is creepier, the evil squirrel giving you the death stare or the creepy squirrel orgy blanket.
I’ve taken eight flights in the last month or so. That’s a lot of time in the air, eating peanuts, silently judging my fellow passengers, waiting to get where I’m going. Sure, I could be productive at 30,000 feet, but that’s no fun. And nowadays, airlines don’t make in-flight entertainment easy. Southwest has you pay... Read more »

Three Great Things To Do In Miami Beach

Miami Beach in August? It may not be your first thought for a late summer getaway, but despite the heat, the MIA has a lot to offer in these dog days. Here are three great things to do in Miami Beach. Grab some Cuban food. While Chicago is lucky to have some great Cuban restaurants,... Read more »

52 Weeks of Postcards

Almost a month ago, I read a post on Tween Us about setting resolutions for the upcoming school year. While I may not be a tween anymore (thank Jeebus!) nor do I have a tween, this post stuck with me for a number of reasons. My birthday is in early September and I’ve always considered... Read more »