52 Weeks of Postcards

Almost a month ago, I read a post on Tween Us about setting resolutions for the upcoming school year. While I may not be a tween anymore (thank Jeebus!) nor do I have a tween, this post stuck with me for a number of reasons.

My birthday is in early September and I’ve always considered this time of year to be even more of a starting over point than January 1, even since I’ve been out of school. So, with getting a year older, actually getting back into school (one class at a time!), and the palpable changing of the seasons, I decided to make a resolution. And hence 52 Weeks of Postcards was born. Here’s how I’m breaking this down by Shannan at Tween Us’s guidelines for good resolution making:

1. Make it specific: In thinking about what a good resolution would be for me (a trust me, there could be a million), I focused on two points- being better about keeping in touch with people and trying to decrease my clutter. To combine the two and focus my efforts, I decided it is time to start using all the postcards I’ve accumulated over the years. I have tons from different vacations, museum exhibits, or random stores that caught my eye. While I’ve turned some into decorations and other Pinterest inspired things, most are sitting in a box collecting dust. So, each week for the next year, I will send at least one postcard to a friend or family member.

2. Write it down: And so, I decided to blog about it.

3. Spell out specific steps to reach this goal: My goal is pretty well defined- send out at least 52 postcards within the next year- but I did want to and a few more objectives. Whenever I leave Chicagoland, I want to get a postcard and send it within a week of my trip. I also want to focus on starting to write to some of my friends’ children who are getting old enough to read. I fondly remember loving getting postcards as a child and hearing about adventures like my Grandfather’s cruise in the former Yugoslavia or a family friend in the Foreign Service who lived in Rwanda and Haiti. Time to start paying it forward.

4. Pick a reward: For me, just knowing that people are getting mail that they are hopefully happy to receive is excellent. Maybe I’ll get a few postcards in return or inspire others to send some snail mail. It’s truly a dying medium.

Here’s Week 1’s selections from Miami:

2013-09-02 16.51.17

The one on the right that took me forever to find in the airport (no one makes postcard anymore!) will go to a friend’s daughter who loves animals and the other one that I swiped from the hotel spa will go to a friend who I stayed with at the same hotel two years ago.

So here goes nothing! Follow my progress or lack there-of on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re one of the five people who read this (Hi Mom!) and would really like a postcard, I’d be happy to get some new pen pals at nobagstocheck@gmail.com

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