Tours for TV Lovers

Ugh. So I’m scrolling down the guide on my tv and there is NOTHING on. It’s that dead time in broadcasting before the ‘season’ officially starts up in mid-September. So if you’re like me and jonesin’ for some quality television that does not involve twerking or a Kardashian, check out the gallery for tours for TV lovers.

If you happen to find yourself in Newbury, Atlanta, NYC, Portland, Scranton, London, or Albuquerque soon, you may just be in luck! I’m definitely adding these tours of some of my favorite shows (and shows I swear I’ll watch some day) to my travel to-do list. I’m kind of sad there isn’t a Golden Girls tour I could take when I’m in Miami this week- talk about an epic Labor Day, right pussy cat?

Ever been on a tour of your favorite TV show? I’d love to hear about it here, or on Facebook or Twitter (@NoBagsToCheck).

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