My Weekend Getaway from Chicago: St. Paul, Minnesota

One of the first questions I asked my doctor after my surgery was “Can I get on a plane 10 days after I get this tumor removed from my face?” I was relieved he said it should be okay and also relieved the weekend getaway from Chicago to St. Paul we had planned was only about an hour flight each way

After a bit of time only being slightly more uncomfortable on the plane than I normally am these days, we landed in Minnesota. Our main purpose was to see a concert, but had a great time checking out the surrounding downtown area for a day and a half.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go, it just matters that you’re getting out of dodge for a bit. Leaving the chores and worries at home, even if it’s just for a day or two. But, it does help to stay in a nice hotel, have some good food, drink a local beer, and check out a quirky site or two.

Check out the gallery for eight reasons why St. Paul is a great weekend getaway from Chicago.

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