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Tours for TV Lovers

Walk where Lady Mary, O'Brien and the rest of the Downton Abbey crew walked with a tour of Highclere Castle in Newbury, England. Who knows, maybe you'll end up running off with the Irish driver after wandering the grounds and exploring the lavishly  decorated rooms.
Ugh. So I’m scrolling down the guide on my tv and there is NOTHING on. It’s that dead time in broadcasting before the ‘season’ officially starts up in mid-September. So if you’re like me and jonesin’ for some quality television that does not involve twerking or a Kardashian, check out the gallery for tours for... Read more »

Catoctin Mountain Park Maryland: A Hidden Gem of the National Park Service

Catoctin Mountain Park Maryland: A Hidden Gem of the National Park Service
Ever heard of Catoctin Mountain Park? If you’re not from the surrounding parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia then the answer is probably no. Tucked away in the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains, this lesser known park is also often over shadowed by its famous neighbor about 30 minutes north, Gettysburg. I grew... Read more »

Would An Australian Travel Ban On The US Make Any Difference?

A terrible thing happened in Oklahoma last week with the apparently random shooting of an Australian college student by three teenagers with nothing better to do. In the aftermath, an Australian politician has made comments that Australians should avoid travelling to the US due to our gun laws and crime rates. But would an Australian travel ban... Read more »

The Nineties Essential Road Trip Songs

<iframe width="420" height="315"  src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br><br> It took the Spin Doctors' fun-loving hit 'Two Princes' a bit of time to gain momentum (it was actually released in 1991), but thanks to a little something called the HORDE festival, this song was everywhere by 1993. Everybody now..."If you, want to buy me flowers..."
Feeling bummed about the approaching end of summer? Wish you could go back in time? Well, break out your choker and flannel shirt and let’s go back twenty years. I’ll make you a mixed tape of all my nineties essential road trip songs, specifically from 1993. It’ll be good, I promise. I had a lot... Read more »

Favorite Summer Drinks From Around the World

Let's start things off family friendly with a root beer float from Walnut, Iowa. Doesn't get much more American summer. Was it the best I'd ever had, maybe not, but the kid selling it to raise money for his boy scout troop was adorable!
Summer’s starting to wind down around here with Labor Day fast approaching, classes starting back up, work getting busy, and the travel plans slowing up. I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what makes summer….well, summer. I think we all have our own ideas about what defines summer for us, but one thing for sure... Read more »

What Happens In Vegas Stays With You For The Rest Of Your Life

A co-worker of mine is heading to Vegas this week for the first time. And I’m excited for her. I LOVE Las Vegas. It’s one of those select destinations that I will happily return to again and again. For about three days at a time, before I don’t have to go home, but I can’t... Read more »


One of the things I love about having lived in different cities is now I know people all over. It makes for great excuses to travel, cuts down on accommodation expenses, and I believe has truly enriched my life. One of those people is Donna, who lives in London and I met while also living... Read more »

Why You Should Be Reading 40 Days of Dating

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My latest blog obsession  is 40 Days of Dating. As described on the website, “Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days.” Enter Jessica Walsh and and Timothy Goodman, two New York City-based designers who have been friends and decided to... Read more »

My Weekend Getaway from Chicago: St. Paul, Minnesota

Affordable Boutique Hotels: Hotel 340 is a great place to stay right in downtown St. Paul. Located on the upper floors of a beautiful historic building, rooms are comfortable and honor the landmark status of their surroundings. The shower is kind of in a closet, but it's quirky, right?
One of the first questions I asked my doctor after my surgery was “Can I get on a plane 10 days after I get this tumor removed from my face?” I was relieved he said it should be okay and also relieved the weekend getaway from Chicago to St. Paul we had planned was only... Read more »