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Say Hello To My Little Friend: The Tale of My Parotid Gland Tumor

Say Hello To My Little Friend: The Tale of My Parotid Gland Tumor
It was really an afterthought. At the end of my annual check up, right before the doctor was about to shoo me out the door, I casually mentioned I had recently noticed a bump near my ear. Recently being maybe a month or two or longer. The bump didn’t hurt and you couldn’t even really... Read more »

Essential Road Trip Songs: Flashback to 2003

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While I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact 2003 was 10 years ago, here are 10 of my favorites from that year to add to your road trip playlist. Check out the video gallery below too. Looking for something a little more current? click here The Postal Service- Such Great Heights: ‘Give Up’ continues... Read more »

Why Boston Rules and Chicago Drools

History: Sorry, Chicago, but in terms of white people history, Boston has you beat. The even have a brick path through downtown to prove it.
Sorry friends, this post has little to do with hockey. Except it was inspired by the Stanley Cup Finals and had me pitting Boston and Chicago against each other in more ways than goals and power plays. Both are great cities, for sure. Both have great restaurants, cultural events, green space, academic institutions, mind-boggling traffic,... Read more »

Father's Day 2013: Ten Reasons To Take A Road Trip With My Dad

One of my fondest father-daughter memories has been the road trips I’ve taken with my Dad. From long car rides from Baltimore to Orlando as a child to driving from Baltimore to Seattle after I graduated college, these will always be special memories for me. Here’s why: 1. You WILL stop if there’s a brewery... Read more »

How To Have A Destination Wedding That Doesn't Suck

How To Have A Destination Wedding That Doesn't Suck
I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta last month. Even though I’ve been to 30+ weddings, this was the first true destination wedding I’ve ever attended. And it was awesome. Here’s why: 1. Start with killer welcome bags. They definitely kept with a Mexican theme and included beach essentials,... Read more »

Jaltemba Bay, Mexico: Puerto Vallarta's Little Secret to the North

The official drink of this part of Mexico is definitely tequila. Enjoy it with a shot of sangrita (a spicy tomato and orange concoction) or add a shot of lime juice for the classic Bandera.
Walking around the smalls towns of the Jaltemba Bay area as a foreigner, you get the impression you’re in on a secret with the other gringos. About an hour north of the beautiful but slightly manic Puerto Vallarta, things are relaxed in Rincon de Guayabitos, La Penita,  and Los Ayala. The roosters and dogs wake... Read more »

Essential Road Trip Songs: Five Pop Picks for 2013

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Tis the season to take a road trip! Be it for a day, a weekend, or a whole week- it’s something us Americans cherish like baseball, apple pie, and Oprah. And with this quintessential summer vacation activity, you have to have the right playlist. When I’m driving down the highway, I want upbeat tunes. Road... Read more »