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New Airline Flight Tax: Five Ways to Use It Well

New Airline Flight Tax: Five Ways to Use It Well
Word on the street is the Obama administration wants to raise airline ticket taxes by $14 a flight. The money would reportedly go to reducing the deficit, improving airports, and hiring more border patrol. I’m not going to debate the validity of such a tax. That’s for another blog. But, I will share how I... Read more »

How To Spend Four Hours At O'Hare Terminal Five

I blame Frontier Airlines. They wouldn’t let me check in to my flight to Mexico online. I found this out after trying for about an hour on my my computer with nothing but error messages and then a fun phone call with a ‘representative’ after 20 minutes on hold. A simple note reagrding their international... Read more »

Martha Stewart's Travel Bag: Seriously?

What does media mogul, crafter extraordinaire, and part-time internet dater Martha Stewart have in her carry-on? This: You’re looking at apparently $429 worth of toiletries in 3 oz. or less containers. What does full-time occupational therapist, traveler extraordinaire, and part-time blogger Alisa Jordan have in her carry-on? This:   You’re looking at maybe $80 worth of... Read more »

How Not To Use Instagram On Your Vacation

Sunburns or other maladies: I'm sorry you're a dummy and didn't use sunscreen while you were at the beach, but I don't need to see the aftermath. But that pouty face is pretty good.
As a good friend said on Facebook recently, “The people demand summer!” As we got our first 80+ degree day of the year here in Chicago, I’m sure vacation was on a lot of people’s minds. And with vacations come pictures. And now-a-days, if it’s not on the internet it didn’t happen. But do your... Read more »

Mother's Day 2013: A Letter From A Nomadic Daughter

Dear Mom, I could thank you for a multitude of things, and just for that fact I consider myself pretty lucky. But since this is my travel blog, I want to take some time to thank you for molding me into the traveler I am today. Thank you for not being afraid to travel with... Read more »

Craft Beer: Five Breweries Worth The Trip

Before Lagunitas opens its brewery in Chicago, head about an hour north of San Francisco to beautiful Petaluma and the original brewery and tap room. Drink a year-round or seasonal beer from their custom mason jars while listening to some local bands and munching on great pub food. While Lagunitas is one of the most widely distributed craft brews in the US, there's something about sipping a beer in the California sunshine that's hard to beat.
Is it just me, or does the warmer weather just beg for a cold beer to be enjoyed- preferably outside? Inspired by a recent trip to Texas (see brewery #3), I wanted to round up some of my favorite craft breweries outside Chicago that are well worth the trip. While we’re spoiled here with many... Read more »