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5 Things To Love About Louisville

Churchill Downs will be the epicenter of the week's festivities. Even if you're not into horse racing, it's a beautiful complex steeped in history. If you can sneak up to the 4th floor and check out this glass replica of the grandstands.
With the Kentucky Derby only days away, hundreds of thousands will be heading to Louisville to enjoy one of the largest sporting events in the United States. Some come for the horses and betting, others for the hats and the party. Whatever the reason, Louisville has much more to offer to its tourist influx this... Read more »

10 Things I Love About Watertown, Massachusetts

Ice Cream: I spent a lot of time at this Friendly's on Arsenal St. with a good friend, getting our PFK (professional fat kid) on with high schoolers and senior citizens. I also like the javaberry (coffee and raspberry froyo) twist at Celebrity Pizza on Mt. Auburn St. Via
The small, usually quiet, Boston suburb of Watertown was the center of national attention this past week during the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. While people watched snipers on top of mom and pop shops and reporters standing outside of blue-collar homes, the US got a brief glimpse into this community of 30,000 that has been... Read more »

Boston Marathon 2013- The Aftermath

Print from Boston/Cambridge-based Blake Ink United
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King (and fellow BU alum) as quoted by Governor Deval Patrick today at the interfaith memorial service in Boston. As I was inundating myself with the news related to the Boston Marathon bombing (not healthy!), I also was touched by the Facebook outpouring... Read more »

Love That Dirty Water- Boston You're My Home

Horrifying details keep pouring in this afternoon and evening from the bombings in Boston today. As a Boston residents for the better part of a decade, it makes my heart so heavy to see the news right now. Marathon Monday was one of the best days of the year in the city. Everyone was off... Read more »

Louisville, Kentucky: The 36-Hour Food Tour

Day 1: Hillbilly Tea started as a small counter service shop that is now two stories and serves lunch, brunch, and dinner.
What usually comes to mind when you think of Louisville? Horses, bourbon, Sluggers, and college basketball? Well, they definitely have all of that. But I was surprised to find so many great places to grab a meal. We packed a lot of food, beer, and cocktails into 36 hours, but it was worth it. With... Read more »

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere- Travel Inspiration

I’m still digesting the premiere of the latest installment of Mad Men. Besides saying things like: “Since when does Betty think about other people?” “Could you really ever squat St. Mark’s Place in the Village?” “Why does Don look like he wants to make out with that doctor?” (Answer: He’s banging his wife!) I loved... Read more »

Opening Day AND April Fool's- Buck Showalter Pranks Orioles Pitcher Darren O'Day

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I’ve been lucky enough to watch baseball in many great stadiums around the country- Safeco, Kauffman, Yankee, Shea, Fenway, and of course Wrigley and U.S. Cellular. But my heart will always belong to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. While it wasn’t my first baseball stadium (that would be Baltimore’s old Memorial Stadium), it will always... Read more »