Prepare for 5 months of turmoil!

chicago_protest_congress_tyler-0It’s June 5, 2020. This has been one of the most challenging year’s for all of us. These past three years have been three of the most challenging years for all of us, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you sit. d44lemu3cvcqvcgp2ko2exzjba

The gap between Americans is now wider than ever. As we continue to deal with COVID-19, we have now had a week of protests over police brutality across the country. But as difficult as these first 5 months have been, make no mistake, we are headed toward five months of chaos and turmoil that could be far worse than what we have been experiencing. 

Americans on the left, advocacy groups and their supporters on the left, foreign governments who hate Trump, and the majority of the news media (including the NY Times) will be doing everything they can get Trump out of office.

On the other side, middle-right will be fighting back via conservative radio and news publications, advocacy groups and big business, religious groups who want conservative judges including the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Social media will be the main battleground with shots being fired from all sides.

trump-biden-photoI hope for all of our sake, it doesn’t get violent and the anger being voiced via social media doesn’t take to the streets. But anything is possible. Be careful. Be safe. Be smart!

We could all be heading toward the clash of our lifetime.



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