If only I could think more like my dog, I'd be okay

If only I could think more like my dog, I'd be okay
Sniffing a new garbage can? Yes, please!

Tonight I went to a new park with, my dog Vincent. Did you think I was going to say my kids? Don’t feel too bad for them. They did plenty of playing in the snow today.

Nope, it was just Vincent and I walking around in the dark snowy night. We walked over to a park that had been torn down and was completely redone sometime in late fall. We explored the new space, walking amongst the snow covered swings and slides.

This park is next to a large field, so I let him off leash so he could run in the new snow. I guess I didn’t realize how deep it was until I stepped off a snow bank and was up to my knees. Vincent was chest deep, but he didn’t care.

He looked a little like this guy and he loved every minute of it.

dog in snow

Sometimes my mind gets a little too jumbled, but walking Vincent at night in the snow, with only the scent of burning wood from fireplaces in the air, is probably one of the most calming, head clearing experiences I can get.

Vincent was so excited to be jumping in the snowdrifts and staring down a neighborhood cat, that I had to laugh. I couldn’t help but think of this cartoon.

Courtesy of mundopatitas.org

Courtesy of mundopatitas.org

If only I could think more like my dog, I’d be okay.

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