Fashion Outlets of Chicago, my winter respite

Fashion Outlets of Chicago, my winter respite
I forgot to take my own photo, so please enjoy these dancing bags

Today was my first experience at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, located in Rosemont, Il. Fran has been there several times with the kids, but I’ve never made the trip with them. Did I mention I’m not usually a fan of the mall? However, I do like a good outlet mall so I figured today would be as good as any to try.

Actually, today was a great day to head to Fashion Outlets of Chicago because it’s indoors with covered parking. My two other favorite outlet malls are outdoors and while it’s nice to get fresh air, it’s not always fun toting two kids and getting an arctic blast while heading in and out of each store, dropping mittens along the way.

At this point of winter, I’m actually looking at mall shopping as a form of exercise. It’s no marathon, but as long as you hustle around and skip the hot pretzels and frozen lemonade that my kids ate, it’s bona fide Olympic training. (Says the lady who has clearly been stuck in the house way too much.)

You have to pay for parking if you stay for more than 2 hours, but like I said, it’s covered and only steps away from the mall entrance. We paid $6.00 which is nothing compared to what you might pay in the city.

The mall has many of your typical stores like Gap and Nike along with some higher end outlets like Bloomingdale’s, Prada and Diane Von Furstenberg.

They also have a Banana Republic outlet, which I can never skip. You would think that I actually work in an office the way I hit up Banana Republic. Chunky turquoise jewelry and power suits? Let me see myself in. I always head to the back where they keep the jeans and comfy shirts for people like me who are normally covered in a thin layer of peanut butter and play-doh.

The best part was that it wasn’t too crowded, especially for a cold Sunday. I’ll definitely go back with Franky during the week so we can do laps, share cinnamon rolls healthy snacks and sniff every lotion in Bath & Body works. Perfection.

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