Polar Vortex or not, we're going sledding

Polar Vortex or not, we're going sledding

We made it! This is my final post in my week long series, “Take Back the Weather!” Finally, it will be warm tomorrow and, oh wait, what’s that? School is canceled tomorrow and maybe Tuesday because the Polar Vortex is coming back? Well, that’s interesting. Okay, no rocking myself in the corner. Think warm, happy thoughts!

20140126_140629Today was warm enough to be outdoors (yes, 25°F is a heat wave nowadays) so we decided to go sledding. We have a slight incline in our backyard so until today, the kids have only cruised around in our own yard. This morning Fran went out and bought more sleds so we could head over to the local sledding hill.

It was a sunny day so it didn’t feel very cold. The park district put makeshift wooden planks so we could climb our way up the side of the hill. Franky and Lilia were the first to go and they went flying down the hill. Fran and I followed after and we were off and running after that.

We did variations of two of us riding in one sled, Lilia going headfirst, Franky spinning around on his new penguin sled and Fran going backwards down the hill to “save” Franky who wanted to do snow angels in the sled zone at the bottom of the hill.

We had perfect sled runs and plenty of wipe outs. After Franky got over his first crash, he was immune to20140126_150145 the snow flying in his face. I forgot how fun sledding was not to mention the serious exercise. It’s kind of the best of both worlds during the winter.

We were there for hours before we trekked back to the car with the promise of hot chocolate at home and that we’d soon be back.

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