Frozen Lake Michigan is otherworldly

This is the second day in a row that school has been canceled due to the cold. So far, I’ve eaten almost all of the apple crumb pie and we’ve had our morning coffee and hot chocolate.

Backing up, before we got into the morning dessert, we bundled up and went for a car ride. The kids wanted to see an icy Lake Michigan and I figured it would be a good excuse to get out of the house.

After breakfast we got into the car and I attempted to drive to our local beach access. Unfortunately, the gates were closed, which I’m guessing is because the parking lot wasn’t plowed or it was just too icy. We drove to a park overlooking the water instead and I let the kids get out of the car.

We were only out for five minutes (it was -13°F, we weren’t hanging out) but at least we got to see the icy lake. It felt like we were on another planet, overlooking miles and miles of snow and ice. Instead of seeing the vast, blue lake with seagulls flying overhead, we instead saw what looked like frozen clouds with no wildlife to be seen.

We hopped back in the car and drove around a little more. We stopped by one of our favorite walking trails and I snapped a few photos. With the sunshine and car heater on, it was kind of fun to drive around checking out our frozen little world. People were bundled up like us walking down the street, steam blowing everywhere.

The best cure for cabin fever is to get out even for a little while. The fresh (albeit, freezing) air and the sun on our faces was the perfect way to start our day. And the pie. Don’t forget the pie.

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