You're doing it all wrong: the only way to eat an apple

You're doing it all wrong: the only way to eat an apple
Yep, no core to be found

Back in May of this year, Foodbeast posted a video on YouTube of a guy eating an entire apple. I mean core, seeds and all. The video claims that people only use 30% of an apple when they eat it the traditional way.

Being the sometimes late bloomer that I am, I saw the video for the first time this week. I was intrigued. I decided, I too must try this idea of eating the whole apple. But no, it’s crazy! Could I do it?

I read some of the comments and concerns from people worried that you would get poisoned from eating the apple seeds. Turns out, apple seeds do contain amygdalin, which is a cyanide and sugar compound that degrades into hydrogen cyanide when metabolized. Sounds scary, right?

According to The Naked Scientists, to release the amygdalin, the seeds would have to be finely crushed and you would need to eat roughly 18 apple cores in one sitting to feel any negative effects. In short, unless you plan on consuming mass quantities of apple seeds in one sitting and grinding them with your teeth, you should be a-okay.

I decided to put this whole crazy idea to the test and guess what? I loved it! Instead of biting around the apple, I started from the bottom and ate my way up. The whole idea of an apple having an inedible core is incorrect. When you eat it this way, there is no “core” to be found.

I held it up to Fran as I was eating it as proof and he asked if I had a special kind of apple. Nope, just eating it the right way! He also mentioned seeing a cartoon about poisonous seeds in a G.I. Joe episode as a kid, in which they kill a giant blob with apples. I had to pass on to him my newly discovered seed knowledge.

Not only did I eat my apple the correct way, I went ahead and took a timelapse video as proof for you all.

What are you waiting for? Get to eating! Don’t you know an (entire) apple a day keeps the doctor away?

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