Breaking news: Will Ferrell and Anchorman almost didn't happen

Breaking news: Will Ferrell and Anchorman almost didn't happen
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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another round of ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-Hour! This is where we are given a question at exactly 9:00 p.m. and we have to hit “publish” at 10:00 p.m. no matter what.

Tonight’s question: “Write about something you learned or experienced since you woke up this morning.”

My first thought was, wait a second! I do something new every day, and today my new thing is getting a new question so I can participate in Blogpalooz-Hour and then I get a question about doing something new. My brain is going to explode!

Anchorman.+I+was+watching+the+movie+then+I+found+this.+I_125a03_4183510Alright, everyone (AKA Christine) calm down. I do remember learning something extremely important this morning. It came from reading this article “12 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Anchorman.”

I have yet to see Anchorman 2, but the first Anchorman is pure gold. When in came out in 2004, I was living in San Diego so it felt even nearer and dearer to my heart and my fellow San Diegoans. San Diegites? San Diegans.

I’ve seen it a million times since my first viewing in 2004, I have it memorized and I’ve been quoting it ever since. I mean, who hasn’t?

So, back to learning new things. One of the surprising things on the list was that Anchorman almost never anchorman 1happened. In fact, writers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell had to pitch it to DreamWorks executives 20 times before they gave it the green light. 20 times!

Buried in all of the hilariousness that is Anchorman, I took a message away from that. I mean, if two talented guys like Will Ferrell and Adam McKay got turned down that many times and they still kept on trucking with their idea?

I get nervous of the thought of getting turned down for anything just one time. Maybe if I get turned down, I’m not creative/smart/good enough. I read that that thought, “Huh, I’ve actually now been inspired by Anchorman.”

For that, I thank you Anchorman, for inspiring me not only to have awesome quotes, but to persevere! Stay classy, Planet Earth!


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