Persimmons: the must-have other fall fruit

Persimmons: the must-have other fall fruit

Today at the grocery store, we came upon a display of persimmons. Lilia thought they were a some type of tomato. I had thought they were supposed to be sweeter, but that’s where my persimmon knowledge ended.

Nobody in our family had tried one before, so voila, our new adventure for today was right there in the produce section.

We got home close to dinnertime and after we ate, I actually Googled how to eat these things. Turns out, there are many varieties of persimmons, with fuyu and hachiya being the most popular in the United States.

I checked the label and discovered we had fuyu on our hands. I found quite a few sweet and savory recipes using persimmons, but for tonight, we really just wanted to do a taste test.

As suggested, I chose the two persimmons that had the deepest orange hue, signaling they were the most ripe. I peeled both of them and sliced them into quarters.

The flavor was almost a cross between a sweet apple and a pumpkin. I read an NPR article where fuyu persimmons were described as tasting like “an apricot dusted with cinnamon.”

I kept this description to myself and as soon as Lilia took a bite, she said, “Mmm, can I have cinnamon sprinkled on mine?” This girl apparently has a more distinguished palate than I because all I said was, “Mmm, this is good!”

I was suprised how tasty our little treat was. My brain was thinking it looked like a vegetable, so I was not expecting the sweetness. Overall, two thumbs up for the fuyu persimmons. They’re delicious plain, but I plan on trying my hand at some of the recipes I found. Stay tuned.

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